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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Order from Chaos

I am very happy with the state of my craft room now. I've got layout room on the floor, and all the piles of potential in the corner. Now to finally hang pictures!

We've been living in our place for almost 7 months and we have very few pictures hanging on the wall. First, we didn't want to ruin the beautiful job Ryan did patching all the holes from the previous owner, and second - we have no art. As well, it took until 2 days ago for us to decide on paint colours for the hallways and living room!

It doesn't matter which pictures I hang in my craft room, since it is my space. I can put up all the cheeseball pictures I've picked up from garage/yard sales over the years. But I would like it to look *somewhat* put together!

I painted three pictures for the bedroom that I need to get framed this week. I'll post the triptych once they are framed and up.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Distraction at it's most productive

This weekend was supposed to be a work catch-up weekend. I had a grand plan of putting in 20 hours of report writing... but instead my house is clean, my mending pile is shorter, and the yard is tidy. Hey, at least I was productive! A clean house makes a happy Jen. So the time will be made up in the next 2 days??

I was happy to have Jen (1) over to help me put the finishing touches on cleaning my craft room. It looked like a tornado had hit it. I managed to clear out 3 bags for the garbage bin, and one bag to donate. I still have way too much fabric though. I've created piles on my drafting table with the name of the potential project recipient for motivation... let's see how that works. I managed to dig into one pile yesterday, and started Rebecca's curtains. I've got maybe 1 hour left on them, then I just need to pick up a rod.

Well, gotta get truckin'. The boss is coming in to review reports this afternoon, and I need to get something for him to read!

Friday, June 16, 2006

I sat in the tub 'til I looked like a prune...

I had a flash of inspiration last night, regarding how I can contribute to my own sanity, and stress control.

Only do things that contribute to accomplishing a goal.

When I am at work - only do work-related tasks that contribute to getting reports done, or improving my knowledge.

When I am at home, don't waste time on crappy t.v. when I know that I am daydreaming about quilting and sewing when I am at work.

Each action should be deliberate and meaningful, and that will make my life deliberate and meaningful. If I need to relax and turn my brain to mush, then I'll watch mush-inducing t.v.

I will feel like I am not just biding time, if everything is done with purpose!

Off to be productive!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I must have slept enough last night, because the rain hasn't dampened my mood to get lots done today. Yesterday I felt quite productive at work, so I must continue that. I was hoping to put in a crapload of overtime this month, so I can truly enjoy my trip to the lake in mid-July.

Unfortunately one drawback of the wonky weather is it has made our new kitten insane!
He has been meowing to be picked up, put down, played with...and tearing around the house like he's on speed. Hopefully he is a little calmer tonight, as I've got another meeting and will not be home to play. I'm sure the hubby can handle him!

I was trying to catch a picture of Milo actually curled up inside this basket, but as soon as I grabbed my camera he escaped!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's a start

Well, we'll see how long I can keep this up!
This past week I have drifted past, and been sucked into a few really good blogs on crafting, thrifting, quilting...which inspired me to perhaps start one of my own.
I have journalled the old-fashioned-way since I was in elementary school, and have accumulated many books of stressy ramblings in the meantime. I think I am near volume 35? 36? or even 37? after 18 years. The annoyance with journalling is I tend to return to the same topics, over and over (and over again)...which is unhelpful, when trying to grow and move forward as a person. I usually only notice this though, when I reread old journals and discover I have fallen into the same pit again!

Hopefully, writing out "in public" will keep me positive and creative...and motivated! I want to spend more time sewing and quilting...working on my expanding family tree, and writing. My ability at prose has suffered at the hands of writing technical reports for the last 6 years.
Well, life beckons.