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Monday, June 19, 2006

Distraction at it's most productive

This weekend was supposed to be a work catch-up weekend. I had a grand plan of putting in 20 hours of report writing... but instead my house is clean, my mending pile is shorter, and the yard is tidy. Hey, at least I was productive! A clean house makes a happy Jen. So the time will be made up in the next 2 days??

I was happy to have Jen (1) over to help me put the finishing touches on cleaning my craft room. It looked like a tornado had hit it. I managed to clear out 3 bags for the garbage bin, and one bag to donate. I still have way too much fabric though. I've created piles on my drafting table with the name of the potential project recipient for motivation... let's see how that works. I managed to dig into one pile yesterday, and started Rebecca's curtains. I've got maybe 1 hour left on them, then I just need to pick up a rod.

Well, gotta get truckin'. The boss is coming in to review reports this afternoon, and I need to get something for him to read!

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