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Friday, June 16, 2006

I sat in the tub 'til I looked like a prune...

I had a flash of inspiration last night, regarding how I can contribute to my own sanity, and stress control.

Only do things that contribute to accomplishing a goal.

When I am at work - only do work-related tasks that contribute to getting reports done, or improving my knowledge.

When I am at home, don't waste time on crappy t.v. when I know that I am daydreaming about quilting and sewing when I am at work.

Each action should be deliberate and meaningful, and that will make my life deliberate and meaningful. If I need to relax and turn my brain to mush, then I'll watch mush-inducing t.v.

I will feel like I am not just biding time, if everything is done with purpose!

Off to be productive!!!

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