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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Order from Chaos

I am very happy with the state of my craft room now. I've got layout room on the floor, and all the piles of potential in the corner. Now to finally hang pictures!

We've been living in our place for almost 7 months and we have very few pictures hanging on the wall. First, we didn't want to ruin the beautiful job Ryan did patching all the holes from the previous owner, and second - we have no art. As well, it took until 2 days ago for us to decide on paint colours for the hallways and living room!

It doesn't matter which pictures I hang in my craft room, since it is my space. I can put up all the cheeseball pictures I've picked up from garage/yard sales over the years. But I would like it to look *somewhat* put together!

I painted three pictures for the bedroom that I need to get framed this week. I'll post the triptych once they are framed and up.

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