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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Can a nostalgic person be a professional organizer?
I am thinking that it is NOT possible - without major hipocrasy!!
When think about what I'd like to declutter at my house, I realize that I don't want to let many things go myself. I see myself as the curator of memories - that I want tangible many years from now so our kids, and my family can have those triggers of great memories.

I salvage fabric and other "junk" to bring back reminders of the "good old days", before life got modern and overly full of stuff. But that is my stuff - dredging up the past!

I am hoping that somebody will give me permission to keep holding on to these things!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thrifty Itch

I just extricated myself from reading a bunch of thrifting blogs, and now I'm itching to go to my local Goodwill to see what's new. I want to post some of my photos of what I've picked up in the past month..i've been on a green and yellow spree I think.

I usually make it there at least once a week - and usually leave with something - whether it is one lonely pillowcase or a basketful of goodies.

My last haul included flowered sheets that I plan on turning into quilt squares and a skirt, a set of stacking stools that are screaming for a new coat of paint and seat covers, and some more miscellaneous fabric. I'm a sucker for fabric - so my pile is now quite high!

I will get some pictures up yet! I am definitely running over to the store at lunchtime!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Before and After

A partial view of my new green kitchen.
The colour is actually brighter, but this picture was taken early in the morning on an overcast day - so it doesn't pop. It actually reflects off the ceiling and sides of the cupboards if the light is right!
Before (Previous owner's stuff)

After (Our stuff - including Grandma's tins and blue coffee pot)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Green kitchen, yellow skirt

Last week was quite productive as I created a skirt from one of my fabric piles, and I painted my kitchen green - photos yet to be taken. It felt so good to get the kitchen done. I was getting quite sick of the peachy white walls. Milo tried to help, but he really didn't do much except get in the way.

The skirt has been fun too - but I have some modification to do tothe hem - mainly doing a real hem - as my cheat hem 0f bias tape just does not want to hold.

Tonight I am going to try my hardest to finish little Rebecca's curtains and baby Hayden's wall hanging. I'd like to deliver them both this weekend.

Last weekend I spent a relaxing time at the edge ofthe mountains - visiting with old friends. We felt like the Ya-Yas. What a great place to live!

It made me realize that I need to spend more time with my girl friends, and I have every right to try to achieve my daydreams - as it IS possible.

My friends out there decided they wanted to build a house in the mountains - so they did!

My dreams are a little smaller - I want to create a haven of my house - unique and fun and suited to Ryan and I's personalities. I am a nester, and I want to fix the house up to my specifications.

I don't want to live in it with the bland colours it has now. I want it to have my colours!

Anyhoo..back to work!