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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thrifty Itch

I just extricated myself from reading a bunch of thrifting blogs, and now I'm itching to go to my local Goodwill to see what's new. I want to post some of my photos of what I've picked up in the past month..i've been on a green and yellow spree I think.

I usually make it there at least once a week - and usually leave with something - whether it is one lonely pillowcase or a basketful of goodies.

My last haul included flowered sheets that I plan on turning into quilt squares and a skirt, a set of stacking stools that are screaming for a new coat of paint and seat covers, and some more miscellaneous fabric. I'm a sucker for fabric - so my pile is now quite high!

I will get some pictures up yet! I am definitely running over to the store at lunchtime!

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Mommy said...

If you come across something that might be good for kitchen curtains for our house, let me know. I've been meaning to get something up there since we moved in over two years ago!!!