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Friday, July 27, 2007

20 days later

I finally ordered my business cards last night, but haven't received confirmation that the email was received, so still waiting.

This weekend is a combo of folk fest, spending time with my poor neglected husband and moving offices to downtown. Woo Hoo!

Hopefully I don't snap this weekend!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Update for Jen P / test logos

Jen P, i am updating this just for you!

I also want to see if my backward, slapdash logo creating methods actually worked!

jpg - wrong colours, grammar error

gif - with final colour should be okay

Figuring this out has given me many a headache. Hopefully this is adequate for me to finally get my business cards ordered already!! Hopefully Ilija can use this on my webpage as well.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Half way there

I am pleased to be moving forward with my goals still.

I am halfway through my entrepreneurship courses (6/12) and my business plan for professional organizing is really coming together. Of the Professional Organizers of Canada courses, I have 5 of 18 completed. I am so happy that I chose to learn first before just jumping in.

The number one lesson I have learned is: start my business part time and on weekends - and depending on how much time I truly can devote to it, grow it from there. One P.Org. I chatted with worked on evenings/weekends for 1.5 years before she left her dayjob to organize full time. I think that is a managable way to approach it. I am learning that there are many ins and outs to running a business and it is not going to be popular and busy overnight!

Family Day Office organizing:

(sorry the pictures are so dark)



Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I finally finished ryan's quilt. No orders for more yet!

Milo enjoying his piece of the quilt! Doesn't he look happy?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The incredible shrinking woman

I have been a little busy since November!
First - I want to share my glee at finally weighing less than 140lbs!
Since I started seeing the nutritionist this fall I have lost about 7 or 8 pounds. Until last week, I had just cut back on carbs after 3pm, but last Sunday I started a herbal detox, and dropped more weight. (If i don't count yesterday and today's moments of weakness).

I am not a huge girl, but I am only 5'2", so that weight was putting me over 35% bodyfat - which is not healthy.
My hope is that I can exercise the rest of the weight off. I am not prepared to keep eating as sparsely as I have. It has been a real struggle to avoid milk & cheese and bread. I can definitely feel and see what it was doing to my body though. The past couple of days were not following the plan (pizza for supper, greek pita, feta today at lunch) and I totally feel the big puffy bread in my stomach. Lots of veggies don't make me feel full the same way bread does, but, i can eat and eat and eat without feeling puffy. So supper tonight is back following the rules - we are having ribs cooked in tomatoes, onions, peppers and chicken broth. I'll roast some potatoes to go with. I think i have 4 days left of the detox.

I do need to start exercising though - for cardio and for muscles. To get down to 20% bodyfat, I'd have to drop to 113 lbs if I don't develop muscle!! no chance!! I'd rather end up around 125.

Anyways, other busyness includes the organzing courses, entrepreneurship courses, sewing, trying to avoid being mauled by milo and trying to help ryan out around the house (since i am apparently never home anymore). I haven't been doing choir for the past few weeks - just feel too busy - I actually have homework!

Well, now that I got that out! I did finish a few crafts over christmas that I will post when I have a second.
I finished Blair & Andrea's quilt, some baby bibs, and an apron for Jeff's Jen. I gutted the craft room the other day and cleared out a ton of unused paper and supplies that I was holding on for no good reason. I also removed a few piles of "potential" projects and put the fabric away.

Now I only have a few things on the table:
1. finish ryan's quilt for his birthday (next wednesday!!)
2. sew a black flippy skirt for myself.
3. hem a couple more pairs of pants
4. fix the butt of the pants i ripped out in the attempt to fit ryan, with no luck. :(

That's all I should really commit myself to!!