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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Half way there

I am pleased to be moving forward with my goals still.

I am halfway through my entrepreneurship courses (6/12) and my business plan for professional organizing is really coming together. Of the Professional Organizers of Canada courses, I have 5 of 18 completed. I am so happy that I chose to learn first before just jumping in.

The number one lesson I have learned is: start my business part time and on weekends - and depending on how much time I truly can devote to it, grow it from there. One P.Org. I chatted with worked on evenings/weekends for 1.5 years before she left her dayjob to organize full time. I think that is a managable way to approach it. I am learning that there are many ins and outs to running a business and it is not going to be popular and busy overnight!

Family Day Office organizing:

(sorry the pictures are so dark)



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