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Monday, July 28, 2008

5 weeks one day

36 days
The baby is coming quick!

We finally did the big move yesterday. I now have an office/ craft room, and the nursery is just for the baby. We moved furniture, re-routed wiring and added more to the "spare-spare" room.

The nursery is still quite empty - a cradle, child's rocking chair and vintage chair are all that sit in there now. The curtains are up. The quilt is finished. The closet is full of books and clothes and diapers and blankets and miscellaneous decorations waiting to be put up on the walls. We have picked out a new dresser, side table and toybox to pick up on Monday. We are now awaiting the grand delivery of the baby supplies from my family in August. We are just about ready - stuff wise!

We had our first Birth & Babies class last Thursday, and it seems that it will be a good learning experience for both of us. Ryan has been reassured that he is not the only dad who is a little apprehensive about this whole baby thing!

One semi-related-to-baby class I am taking this weekend, is how to properly use my camera. My Christmas present was a fancy digital SLR, but 99% of the pictures I have taken in the past 6 months have been on the AUTO setting. I need to upgrade my skills!

Well, off to finishing up the office/ craft room. I still have several piles of books that need to find homes, and I have some reports to work on today....so close to being done!

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