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Monday, July 14, 2008

It's apparently been a while!

So it's already July 2008. Where did the past year go? I have the feeling that blogging is not really my preferred forum for self expression. I have been journalling for 20 years, so I guess paper is my thing.

So...since last July I have:
1. "left" my job at BSA - though I am still doing these flippin' studies - I definitely have not been putting in the full time hours require to wrap them up quick.

2. become pregnant - hence the inability to put in full time hours and finish the darn studies

That pretty much sums up the last 12 months!

I may end up changing this blog to a baby blog once the little one comes in September. I can posts photos to the grandparent's delight. (and for JenP who is the only one who reads this thing I think!)

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for updating your blog....LOL!!!! =)