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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Out as long as she was in.

Where did the last 9 months go! (I should say 9.5 months at this point)
Evey is now a mobile little lady - she's pulling her self up on everything and "cruising" around the room constantly. She doesn't sit still. But then again, look at her parents!
She loves to pull items out of bags, baskets, bowls - so it makes folding laundry, putting away toys and baking a little difficult if she is within arms reach.

She's a real copycat already, so we need to be careful what we are teaching her.

I am still not in the groove of true "housewifely-
ness". It's all I can manage to just get some dishes washed, and laundry done. Between just keeping her out of things, running errands, and getting sucked into blog-reading.....

Ryan has really come through as a great dad, and has picked up a LOT of slack around here!