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Friday, September 17, 2010

Day One?

I may count tonight as Day One of trying to get Miss E to get to sleep on her own.
It was a struggle, considering I missed my chance to even attempt to get her down for a nap before 1:30pm, and my misguided attempt to zonk her out in the car at 4:15 failed too. (good thing)
I managed to get both kids in the bath by 6:45pm, and Teagan was fed & in bed by 7:15, but he only slept for about an hour, then was up again.  I got him asleep again while watching Franklin with Evey, just in time to turn off the TV before the nefarious Toopy & Binoo started. We had a quick snack of yogourt, then she started to whine, etc because she was so tired.  Straight to bed.

I laid her down with her two stuffed kitties, all tucked in under the quilts and she passed through several states of tired: cozy and happy and content, fighting sleep and wanting to wrap herself around my neck, standing up and trying to crawl into my lap etc. etc.  I finally got her to settle while I sat on the edge of her bed and leaned over her, while she had one arm around my neck. When her breathing slowed, I took her arm off, set it on her tummy, waited a few minutes then bolted. (then straight to the basement to crack a dusty bottle of wine*). I count this night as closer to just sitting next to her, than actually having to lay next to her under the covers in full choke hold.

I figure this is going to be much like weaning her from the boob. The first few nights will be loud and rough to listen to (for Ryan), but it really shouldn't take more than a week for her to get with the program. I hope.**

*Normally I don't drink when breastfeeding, but I figured that if Teagan was able to sleep through 45 minutes of Evey's screams and pounding on the shared wall between their rooms, he would not awaken to nurse before the alchohol is out of my system from one glass. I really needed it to get the echoes out of my skull.  His first wakings after 8pm bedtimes seem to be 2am at the earliest, so I should be golden.

**I weaned her at 14 months, when I was about a month and a half pregnant. She was wanting to nurse 8-9 times a night (oh yes!), and I was getting very annoyed and tired. Then I started to get a blister on one side, which told me that I likely didn't have any milk, so we stopped cold turkey the next day.  I did need to nurse her on the 3rd day to get her down for a nap, and help get the engorgement down. After that we were both fine.  I really wanted to have at least 7 months off before the next baby wanted a piece of me.

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