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Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm a bad mommy blogger, and other ramblings

So since I posted last:
Evey had both her 1st and 2nd birthdays.
I had a son in June 2010.
That pretty much sums up my life in the last 15 months!
It's not that I don't have much to say about the day to day of motherhood. I have literally written volumes since Evey was born - I just tend to be an old fashioned pen and paper journaller. (I'm halfway through Volume 44 after 22 years of writing.)

This last year and a bit of motherhood has not been that overwhelming. It could be lack of decent sleep that adds the rosy lens maybe? But I haven't felt that bad. Scarily enough, I was already considering a 3rd child while I was still in recovery with #2. *shake of head* Silly me!
I am finding the hardest struggles to be this:
Getting Evey to nap before 2pm
Getting Evey to bed before 10 pm
Getting Evey to sleep without being in a choker hold hug.
Having the kitchen/house in a state at least one step below chaos before Daddy comes home from work.
(notice a trend?)
God love him, Teagan is an awesome sleeper (right now, I'll add, in order to not jinx myself), so much of the nap/bedtime struggles occur after he has zonked out. I'll admit that during the first few weeks, I felt like a ping pong ball going between their two rooms and ours, but by 2.5-3 months, he started sleeping 8-12 hours stretches. Sweet. The first morning that I woke up after 7.5 hours of solid sleep, I had two thoughts: 1. Why is it still dark outside and I'm wide awake and 2. Oh my god is my baby alive?. Seriously, I had to check his breathing, then pick him up and feed him to make myself feel better. I love my son! I love Evey too, but it is not because of her sleeping habits! I may post about my progress with her sleep, once I can actually commit to getting a firm bedtime routine down.

It's not to say that I haven't been tired. I spend a great deal of time feeding Teagan during the day, and when I have a moment free, I am more likely to rest than run around trying to fold clothes or what not. Ryan has really done a lot around the house, but I think my window of semi-laziness should be coming to a close soon, because I can't burn out the one person who is actually bringing money into the house by having him working day and night.

That is another series of changes that might be good to publicize for some accountability.

I am not aiming to be supermom - I just don't want to be lazy mom who watches t.v and is on the computer all the time while her kids run rampant around the house (because that's what many days seem like around here!) I just don't feel comfortable with the way our routine has become. I know I have a newborn, but I am a goal-oriented person, and I need something a little more structured to work towards.

Here's hoping that I get at least one more post in before September 2011! (and that I am not blogging about baby #3 arriving before then.)


Christina said...

I too have lowered my expectations. If I ever meet this mythical 'supermom' beast I'm going to give her a swift kick in the shins from all of us real moms! If I manage in one day to have a shower, put a load of laundry in and cut some veggies for dinner, I've had a pretty productive day. It's a far cry from my to-do list crammed career life, but it's achievable... Most days anyway...

jen-o said...

I have definitely lowered my expectations. I, too, am happy if I got a load of diapers washed and 3 meals made by midnight.