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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sometimes I forget that I may be a little more list-crazy than the average person.  Without lists, I am like rudderless boat adrift at sea (to use a poetic simile) - I get nowhere. And I tend to get a little anxious, like I am forgetting something. I tend to become a littel overwhelmed, and feel like I am forgetting something. I tend to repeat myself, and I drive others crazy with my verbal reminders of what I want/need to do.

I was diagnosed with ADD when I was in my early 20's. I went in to see a psychiatrist on my own, after a couple years of being a very unproductive employee at a desk job. I suspect, had I been grade-school age in the 1990's/2000's, in a city, I would have been diagnosed by the time I was 10. But, ADD/ ADHD were not really mainstream concepts when I was in school.  I have trouble focussing on one thing, as all the other possibilities of things to do, to read, to make flood my mind. I have trouble prioritizing my time. My list-making is a survival mechanism, and a better alternative for me than taking medications. (I tried the Ritalin for a few months, and it made me feel even more anxious and weirdly energetic, but slightly high - the same way DayQuil Liqui-Caps affect my body - yucky!)

I am tempted to centralize all my lists into one place, but that would require me re-writing all of them.
My list of lists:
- Tasks: -To do today
             - This week
             - Each month
- Craft/ Creative/ Sewing Projects for self
- Sewing projects to sell
- House maintenance/ repairs (room by room)
- Christmas present ideas for family
- Christmas card list
- Books to read
- Baby names (on going, as we come across cool names)
- Things I want to get rid of, sell or donate
- Unfinished projects (excluding house items)
- Future new vehicle ideas
- Places to go with a toddler
- Due date list for friends' babies
- Purchasing wish list/ wait list (new microwave, external hard-drive etc)
- Blogs I read
- List of diapers we have and what sizes they fit
- Amazon.ca wishlist, Amazon.com wishlist (oops)
- List of files in our filing cabinet
- Phone lists

I'm sure there are more, but you probably get my point already!

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Betty Beguiles said...

I am very impressed! I love making lists but I make them in a million different journals and so they end up being kind of useless because I can never find them again! You've inspired me to find a better system, though. :)